tom morse-brown
design for business growth


b. 1986, HK.


Hi, my name is Tom Morse-Brown. I’m a designer.


I love helping businesses and organizations thrive through design.

One key I’ve found to success in design is to help guide thinking around both sides of the frame: why does this exist and what does the audience need? Continually answering these two questions, whether designing a logo, a brand identity or a campaign, almost always increases project effectivity. To develop ideas I use methods of design thinking such as empathy mapping, user testing, and prototyping.

I have 10 years experience in design, design leadership, design agency consulting, in-house corporate design and entrepreneurship. My core skills lie in consolidating large amounts of information to what’s most important, problem solving through reflective learning, and creating spaces for play and laughter as a method to illicit creative ideas.


To get in touch, please email me here.

For a full resume, click here or to see a showreel of recent work, view this short film on my vimeo page.



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