tom morse-brown
user experience design


b. 1986, HK.



Welcome to my online portfolio. This is a selection of my design, design systems and user experience design work for businesses, non-profits and corporate companies.

As I see it, design has evolved as technology has evolved. Not that long ago designers designed stand alone pieces of print and digital artifacts that served a single purpose: advertising. Now, design is thinking across a much broader scale - the things that need to be designed now all have to work together to form a customer experience. Businesses and companies now need people who can research their demographics, identify needs and create cohesive systems that solve problems and serve customer needs.

I bring over 15 years experience in design, design leadership, design agency consulting, in-house corporate design and entrepreneurship to the table. My core skills lie in consolidating large amounts of information down to what’s most important, problem solving through design thinking, and creating user experience that achieves results.

I am currently open to freelance, contract and part and full-time work.