tom morse-brown
brand strategy and design



Clarity, beauty and consistency. These are my core values in design.

Whenever I’m asked to help a company or organization with their communication or design I look at these three areas. What is the design based on? Is there a clear, inspiring vision and practical mission? How does the design look? Are the consumers loving it, wearing it, and buying it? And how consistent is the brand across all marketing platforms? Are there design systems in place for staff and design teams to follow? Working to refine design in these three areas always yields greater impact and growth.

My design process almost always involves the following steps in greater or lesser capacity (per project):

  1. Research & Discovery

  2. Analysis of Data

  3. Strategy

  4. User Experience Design

  5. Visual Design

  6. User Testing

  7. Production

If you have a project or brand that needs to re-up, don’t hesitate to connect.